Independent Engineer for improvement, widening & strengthening of single / intermediate lane to 2 lane roads on BOT, BOT (Toll+Annuity) & BOT (Annuity) basis in the state of Madhya Pradesh under Ujjain Package.


Project Details



Duration: N/A

Cost:38704 Million

Project Description

"Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Ltd., an undertaking of Govt. of M.P. has sanctioned 12 roads in the Ujjain Division of M.P. for development of existing single/intermediate to 2 lanes with hard shoulders under BOT, BOT (Annuity Basis). Theme Engineering Services was appointed as Independent Engineer for implementation of this project. TES has independently reviewed the activities associated with design review, quality assurance and quality control during the construction period. The total length of road is 232.16 km. of 2 lane and 5.52 km. of 4 lane. The structures include many no. of minor bridges, culverts, drains, footpaths and concrete roads in village portion.(Length- 232.16 km. - 2-lane, including 5.52 km. 4 lane"