Consultancy Services for Supervision of works on Alwar to Bhiwadi (SH-25, 4 lane) Road under Mega Highway Project in Rajasthan


Project Details


Client:Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan ,Jaipur

Duration: 14 Months

Cost:2680 million

Project Description

The length of stretch is 85 km with Alwar at km 140/000 on SH-25 and Bhiwari at km 225/000. The 4 lane divided is proposed having carriage width of 7.5m either side with paved shoulder of 1.5m and earthen shoulder of 1.0m and a median of 1.5m. The project comprises of one new ROB and 53 nos. junctions are to be improved. The Project is having one major bridge Gajuki Bridge on Gajuki river at chainage 148/100 Km having total length of Bridge is 122.2 m