Construction Supervision of Improvement Works on Rawatsar – Nohar - Bhadra Haryana Border stretches under Mega Highways Project in Rajasthan.


Project Details



Duration: 8 Months

Cost:291.56 million

Project Description

"Govt. of Rajasthan has taken up a massive programme of Upgradation and development of existing single/two lane important highways awatsar - Nohar – Bhadra road up to Haryana Border (the project road) would provide high speed connectivity to National Highway /State Highway. The project was to be implemented on Public Private Partnership (PPP). The project road traverses in Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan and Nohar and Bhadra Tall on the alignment and Rawatsar is located on Mega State High No.7. There exist 131 slab culverts and 19 nos. of pipe culverts, out of which, 142 are to be rehabilitated and widened. 3 nos. new culverts are to be built new. 2 nos. minor bridges (1x9m), 1x10m), 3 ROB’s ave been proposed on rail crossings at Km. 61/730 (C-61), Km. 76/880 (C-57) and Km. 105/300 (C-46) The crust thickness proposed is 560 mm averages depending upon the CBR value in the section of the road. The project road lies in plain terrain. )"