Authority’s Engineer for Supervision of Widening and Stregthening to Two lane with paved shoulders of Ladnu-Nimbi Jodha- Degna –Merta City section of NH-458 from km 0.000 (Existing chainage km 0.000) to km 139.900 (Existing chainage km 144.377) (length 139.900 km) on EPC Basis under NHDP-Phase-IV


Project Details


Client:National Highway Authority of India

Duration: 48 momths

Cost:3784.6 million

Project Description

"The entire length of project highway (128.00 Km.) lies in Nagaur district of Rajasthan and it ends at Ajmer (Km. 248.960). The existing road is flexible pavement with varying width of 3m to 7m carriageway and passes through plain terrain. It isproposed for widening and strengthening to 7.00 metre width with paved shoulders of 1.5m width on either side. The project highway connects seven villages and few important towns in Ladnu, Choti Kotri, Degana and Merta city. The construction work is to be carried out on EPC mode. Structures to be built are:-(Length – 128.00 km. 2 lane with paved shoulders "