Supervision Consultancy Services for East – West Corridor Project (ADB Loan No. 2029 – IND – National Highway Corridor Sector – I Project Rehabilitation and upgrading of NH-76 and 25.


Project Details


Client:National Highway Authority of India

Duration: 36 Months

Cost:14175 million

Project Description

"The Project involves Rehabilitation and Upgradation for 4 lane divided carriageway with High level Bridges including strengthening, widening with paved shoulders. The projects comprises of six civil packages of National Highways passing through Madhya Pradesh & U.P. The details of the civil works packages are: (i). EW-II (MP-1): - Rehabilitation and upgrading of km. 579.00 to km. 610.00 of NH-76 (Rajasthan / MP Border to junction of NH-76 / NH-3) + NH-76 / NH-3 junction to km. 15.00 of NH-25 (Shivpuri / MNP Bypass) [Total road length 53.40 km.] (ii). EW-II (MP-2): - Rehabilitation and Upgradation of km. 15.000 to km 50.000 of NH-25 including Ghat road and Sindh bridge. (Total Road length – 35.00 km.) (iii). EW-II (MP/UP-1): - Rehabilitation and Upgradation of km. 50.000 to km. 91.000 of NH-25 including Mahuar Bridge. (Total road length 41.00 k m.) (iv). EW-II (UP-3): - Construction of New four lane Jhansi Bypass (15.10 kms) including 2 ROB’s, one flyover and bridge across Pahuj river (Total road length 15.10 km.) (v). EW-11 (UP-4): - Rehabilitation and Upgradation of Km. 104.000 to km. 170.000 of NH-25. (Total road length 66.00 km.) (vi). EW-II (UP-5): - Rehabilitation and Upgradation of km. 170.000 to km. 220.000 of NH-25, length 50.00 km. Total length of these works is 260 km and the estimated cost is Rs. INR 14175 million. "