Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision of Abomsa-Aseko-Bedeyi-Cheleleka, Contract 1: Abomsa-Aseko-Dibu River (Km 58+700) and Contract 2: Dibu River ( 58+700) – Bedeyi-Cheleleka Road Projects


Project Details

Title:Abomsa - Ethiopia

Client:Ethiopian Roads Authority

Duration: 48 Months

Cost:INR 638.4 Millions

Project Description

The Government of Ethiopia represented by Ethiopian Road Authority has undertaken Construction of Abomsa-Aseko-Bedeyi-Cheleleka Road Project. The Civil works consists of two packages namely 1) Contract 1 : Abomsa-Aseko-Dibu River  - 58.7 Km, 2) Contract 2 : Dibu River-Bedeyi-Cheleleka   - 44.4 Km

The Road Project is located in the Central Eastern Part of the country and lies entirely in the Oromia Regional State, in east Arusi and West Harege Zones. The Project stretch is characterized by steeply gradient and sharp curves. Major section passes through totally escarpment/mountainous terrain with elevation varying from minimum 1530 m to 2140 m from average sea level and also characterized by landslides and erosions.

The road shall be constructed to 7 meters paved carriageway including shoulders on each side (6 m carriageway + 2 x 0.5 m shoulder) in rural open areas; and in town sections the roadway is provided with additional 3.5 m parking lane and 2.5/1.5 m pedestrian walkway on each side.